September 27, 2011

A Birthday Post: Ten Reasons I'm Going to Have Kids

Today, I turn 28.

I’m single. When I say that, I mean I just got out of a second attempt at happy-ever-after. I’m motherless since four years ago. I’m an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) based in the Middle East and I come home only once in a while. Being all those, it takes a great deal of courage for me to write a blog post with such a subject title, but I dare do it anyway, because first, I believe you accomplish at least 50 percent of a dream when you write about it, and second, because today, I turn 28!

So you see, some day, I’m going to have kids and here’s why:

 1. I've always thought that women are prettiest when they are pregnant. For me, that visual proof of a woman's capability to bear a child highlights her femininity, which makes her more attractive to her partner, if not to most of the members of the opposite sex. When I see a pregnant lady, I watch her in admiration from head to toe and wonder how it feels like to be her.