September 26, 2012

Tinola Thoughts at 29

(Mga Aral na Napagnilayan ko Habang Sinasangkutsa ang Manok or Top 10 Realizations of a Newbie Housewife)

1. Having the time and being able to take care of loved ones has become an elusive 'luxury' in today's culture of "hell busy schedules", but it remains to be one of life's greatest (yet simplest) joys.

[This could well be just a euphemism for my prolonging unemployment, but I really do take it as an incidental blessing. How many of us get the chance to really stop and smell the flowers? :-)]

2. Fairytales aren’t real, but happy-ever-afters are! It is the only kind of ending God designed for us to have. Getting there, however, is up to us.  

Or I'm probably just watching too much Once Upon a Time! 
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3. Whoever said “Marriage is not a walk in the park” is dead wrong. On the contrary, it is what marriage exactly is – a walk in the park – not witnessing extravagant fireworks display all the time but being steadily content just the same. 

The Wife in Proverbs 31

"Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting. But a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. "

Becoming the ideal wife in Proverbs 31 is quite a long shot, at least for a newbie wife like me. But it is my prayer and I believe the Lord is helping me get there. I'm posting it here so that I'll remember all the time. :-)

Not only does it speak the truth, it is also so beautifully written. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful poems I ever read. It's almost as if you witness the wife do all that she does with so much grace and confidence. It makes you imagine a lovely sight of a woman of enormous worth and beauty! To be the virtuous woman that she is is my prayer. She is my hero for the moment and maybe one day, I will be like her. :-)