February 4, 2013

My Week in Praises

I know I can't ever keep an accurate count of the too-many-to-mention blessings I receive, but listing them down once a week sure helps keep a grateful heart.

  • A good run on a fine Monday morning.
  • Being introduced to a perfect job prospect (kahit prospect lang!).
  • Mid-week Bones marathon with hubbyt.
  • A simple and fun farewell dinner with foreigner friends with whom hubbyt and I shared home for the last couple of months.
  • A pinakbet and porkchop night with good friends. 
  • Hand-me-down juicer, flat iron, Coke glasses and mugs from Rosini and Luna! Such generous friends I have. :-)
  • Getting the keys to a new flat we're renting. :-)
  • Crossing out a LOT of items on my to-buy list for the new flat because our landlady, who turns out to be a Christian in her 50s, has already provided most of them. <3
  •  Uninterrupted rest on a whole Saturday morning.
  • Remembering that whatever the circumstance, my surname remains to be "of God Most High". I and my household is His, only His!