September 15, 2010

A Juicy Purchase

Ever since I visited a friend's villa in another compound here in Jeddah and tried out his juicer, I have been dying to buy myself one. In fact, that same night, I asked him to bring me to the store where he bought his juicer, but to my disappointment, it wasn't on stock that time. It was only two weeks ago when my wish was finally fulfilled. Instead of the same model as my friend's, I found this multi-purpose food processor that's mainly a juicer, blender and miller in one. Well, it wasn't exactly the ideal brand and model I'd wish to have in my kitchen in the future but this Japan-made Beac juicer, which I'm calling "Bea" from now on, is good enough for me for now. It sure was a good buy for 140 riyals. 

September 2, 2010

Chided in Manila

One couldn't imagine the joy I felt when I received the reissued roster that upgraded my 24-hour layover in Manila to the long one. It's been around four months since I had that lovely roster so I guess my flatmates really couldn't blame me if I jumped ceaselessly (and crazily?) like a ten-year old on New Year's eve when I received the news.

People usually say how they get the best experience out of unplanned trips. It had been true in my case, all because I was blessed enough to have as guests of honor some of my favorite people - my nephews and granddaughter (Yes, I'm one proud Lola! Haha.) whom I sorely and dearly missed. It was a long weekend in Manila so their parents agreed to treat them to a mini vacation.