September 15, 2010

A Juicy Purchase

Ever since I visited a friend's villa in another compound here in Jeddah and tried out his juicer, I have been dying to buy myself one. In fact, that same night, I asked him to bring me to the store where he bought his juicer, but to my disappointment, it wasn't on stock that time. It was only two weeks ago when my wish was finally fulfilled. Instead of the same model as my friend's, I found this multi-purpose food processor that's mainly a juicer, blender and miller in one. Well, it wasn't exactly the ideal brand and model I'd wish to have in my kitchen in the future but this Japan-made Beac juicer, which I'm calling "Bea" from now on, is good enough for me for now. It sure was a good buy for 140 riyals. 

This purchase is in support of the wellness program I just recently launched for myself. Okay, I must admit that my primary motivation is a mental picture of a sexy Jen in a white two-piece bikini walking along the beach. Haha! But on a serious note, perhaps I could attribute this sudden concern I have for my health to being aware, now more than ever, of the health risks of frequent flying. Being almost a year-old on this job, it alarms me to note how stale air, pressure, radiation and other stressors could affect the body unfavorably. There are sure some measures that could reverse the short-term effects of these stressors, but is there really not much we could do about the long-term consequences?

Getting myself to fall in love with fruits and vegetables again, and basically choosing the food I eat, is my own little way of fighting the health hazards of flying. I've read and I believe that by building a habit of healthy eating, I've already done about half of what I should do to provide myself a long-term protection.

Some time ago, I've read about how taking fruits on an empty stomach makes our body able to maximize the benefits of the fruits, but it is really only recently that I am able to practice it. Now, I make it a point to drink only fresh juice with my fresh fruits in the morning. (As a result, I've also avoided buying ready-to-drink juices in cartons or plastic bottles in the grocery.) When fruits are eaten first and on an empty stomach, they not only provide tons of energy we need for weight loss and other strenuous activities but they also aid better in detoxifying the body. My more frequent and regular trips to the toilet can attest to that! :-)

So far, mixing different fruit juices with Bea, I would say, has been a worthwhile adventure. It's one thing, however small, that I can look forward to when I wake up in the morning or sometimes, when I come home from a tiring flight. Most of my concoctions are carrot-based, because carrots are always readily available in the market, and because I love how it gives a sweet taste to any concoction. I've tried it with cucumber, apple, kiwi, pineapple, guava and melon but so far, my favorite is carrots+pineapple+apple. 

One of the disadvantages of making my own fresh juice everyday, however, is that it's a little bit more costly. Like we all know just how much juice around 5 pieces of fruit can yield: one glass. That and the villain inside my head that nags me everytime I turn on the juicer, "Hindi mo 'to kayang panindigan, Jen! Hindi!" Having to juice fruits in the morning and at night then having to wash Bea's little parts at least twice a day is never the convenient way to go. I realize, too, that it's difficult to start a habit when you're already 26, but I still pray that this isn't merely a personal fad or fascination. I'd still like to believe that I'll be able to sustain this and perhaps, turn into a lifestyle. :-)

Truth is, this fresh juice thing is just first of still a dozen of to-do items on my wellness program. It will surely entail a great deal of hard work and discipline (and a LOT of God's grace. hehe) to be able to start and sustain all those, but like a one-year old baby who's learning how to walk, I'm taking one step at a time. :-)


  1. can i share a tip? i learned this when i used to prepare baby food when my kids were younger. instead of steaming/boiling vegetables every meal (very energy inefficient), i steam and mash vegetables in bulk, depending on what's readily available. then i divide the mashed veggies into portions using an ice cube tray and freeze them. i then pop the frozen veggie cubes into ziplock bags and only reheat them one cube at a time, an amount sufficient for one infant meal.
    at any given time, our freezer will have an assortment of veggie cubes, so there is always variety in what the babies eat.
    you may want to try to do the same for your fruit extracts. maybe add a little water to the ice cubes to thaw them into a drink. and you can still make your multi-fruit concoctions even for fruits that are not in season. ;p

  2. Kaya mo yan panindigan, Jen. Kaya mo!! :-)

  3. Thanks for the tip, Kar! Will use it one of these days and in the future for my future babies' food. ;-) Hehe. How do you thaw the veggie cubes nga pala?

  4. love it! :-) as in fruit diet ka ba?

  5. Hi Issa! Haha, I wish pero hindi ko kaya 'yon eh. I just try to get high on fiber by incorporating more fruits and fresh fruit juices in my diet. Pero kakasimula ko pa lang naman. And generally, I try to choose to eat healthy (or at least less fatty.hehe) food when I get hungry. ;-)

    Nice chatting with you pala. Next project: Yoga. Haha! Kaya natin 'to!